What Clients Say


“Our high pressure environment makes it very difficult to create and maintain good relations, and a bothersome situation can become an emergency within hours. Dr. Willis is able to sift through lots of highly subjective information and get to the heart of a matter very quickly. His penetrating insight has been highly beneficial to us. In addition to his emergency interventions, Dr. Willis does an excellent job of preventing conflict…“As a result, our stress level is reduced, our customer’s satisfaction has increased, our employees are both more productive and motivated, and we are growing our business.”

“Dr. Willis also has coached me safely through some pretty stormy situations. As a result, I was able to stay clear-headed and productive regardless of what was going on around me. He helped me to get on, and stay on, the right track. Best of all, the strategies I learned are available for me to use in similar situations in the future.”


“When the ‘misery index’ (i.e. frustration and tension resulting from ineffective communication among key players; conflicting visions and strategies; conflicting organizational and managerial styles; power and control struggles) reaches a certain level in your company, it is a prudent management that seeks out wise counsel. Our company made that decision…

“Our ownership and executive team were not disappointed. Through Dr. Stephen Willis’s confidential and highly skilled consultation important changes have been made. If the goal is to survive, grow, and be profitable while achieving effective interactions at every level of the company from the top down, I can without reservation recommend Stephen Willis as a facilitator ‘ trainer ‘ coach, to any company desiring to become a learning organization.”


“Your assessment provided us with accurate and insightful views of my company. I was able to immediately… apply some solutions to concerns we had regarding our management practices. I would suggest to most businesses that they consider hiring your firm.”


“For the past year, we have had the pleasure and benefit of working with Steve Willis. He has helped us with very serious and complex human relations and performance issues that were subject to intense media scrutiny, public attention, and an external audit.”

“I have seen too many consultants who…

“Steve is different. In addition to his strong credentials, we have found him to be a very special kind of consultant. He is sincerely motivated to deliver real value to his clients. Through a cost-benefit assessment of different strategies, he generates realistic options and helps achieve real change. In so doing, he creates truly satisfied clients, and gains his clients’ trust, confidence, and gratitude.”

“Our initial approach was to focus only on the crisis that seemed all too imminent to us, and Steve responded to our requests. His coaching, facilitation, team building, conflict resolution, and strategic analysis benefited every level of our organization.”

“Fortunately for us, Steve has even more to offer. His demonstrated competence gave us the confidence to look at the issues creating our problems and enabled us to work on actual solutions. He helped design and guide us through an excellent organizational change process. We are finally, as a result of engaging Steve’s services, building effective and collaborative working practices throughout our organization.”

“We were a tough assignment, but Steve handled it superbly. He is highly skilled, intelligent, empathetic, perceptive, creative and extremely committed. I honestly believe that he cares as much about our issues and well being as we do, and he has become a valued member of our team. We are glad to have him with us.”