Founded in 1996, Willis Consulting has provided organizational effectiveness services to a wide variety of corporate, governmental, and nonprofit clients in numerous market sectors.


Executive Coaching. Leadership Assessments, including 360 feedback. Leadership Transition. As your Leadership Coach we help you achieve your far-reaching vision as well as immediate goals.


Meetings of Boards of Directors; Management Teams; Annual, Strategy, and Corporate Retreats; Workshops and Roundtables. As your Facilitator we make your meetings, roundtables, workshops, and retreats productive and worthwhile.

Change Management

Consultation and Project Management of change initiatives involving Accelerated Growth; Mergers and Acquisitions; Reorganizations. As your Change Management Consultant we comprehend your complex and challenging situations to provide practical guidance, insightful advice, and straightforward implementations.

Building Collaborative Teams and Organizations

Deploy the Power through Collaboration Model to build effective collaboration throughout your organization – within and across teams, departments, or divisions.

Collaboration Network Analysis™

Our quick & easy system map shows you:

  • How Work is getting done, or not.
  • The Real Pathways & flow of collaboration among people & units.
  • Collaboration Breakdowns, blockages, and gaps.
  • Collaboration Connections to optimize or create.
  • Actions to take to increase collaboration.

CASO™ – Collaborative Approach to Strategic Opportunities

Our results-focused collaborative process helps you:

  • Discover the most promising Strategic Opportunities to drive your goals and objectives
  • Identify the best Strategic Opportunities in confusing and complicated situations
  • Foster buy-in from diverse stakeholders
  • Achieve alignment from perspectives that are numerous, diverse, or conflicting so people can “talk and move” in the same clear direction

CASS™ – Collaborative Approach to Success Strategies

Our results-focused collaborative process provides you with:

  • Leadership to develop and facilitate your collaborative strategic initiative
  • Success Factor Analysis to pinpoint key Success Factors essential to achieving your goals
  • Success Strategies to map out how to achieve the results you need
  • Quick-start Action Team to get crucial talent & resources focused on target, organized, & launched on the path to success


Our collaborative solution development tool helps you:

  • Create Clarity & Precision in place of vagueness & generalities
  • Uncover & Deal with Nuances so they can no longer confuse, entangle, & subtlely derail agreements
  • Build a Common Language in place of using the same words & terminology to express conflicting meanings
  • Achieve Shared Meaning & Understanding that enables collaborative action & results
  • Succeed at collaborative solution development


  • Our collaborative tool helps you:
  • Create Objective Criteria from subjective & emotionally charged perspectives
  • Make Explicit the implicit and unstated assumptions & opinions
  • Clarify Criteria and Assumptions that are confused, conflicting, & jumbled
  • Achieve Alignment and buy-in for complex and difficult decisions