Workshops and retreats are highly interactive, and make productive use of the worksheets and examples presented in the Power through Collaboration books, as well as the examples of the workshop participants.  

Workshops, retreats, speaking engagements, and keynotes can be customized for your needs.  Just select the modules that work best for your goals:


  • Why We Must Collaborate: The Benefits of Collaboration vs Costs of Failure to Collaborate
  • Freeing Your Collaboration Endeavors from the 12 Common Misconceptions that Create Collaboration Problems and Failure
  • Understanding and Infusing Your Collaboration Endeavors with the Real Key to Collaboration Success
  • Supercharging Your Team Effectiveness via the Collaboration Essentials
  • Assessing and Optimizing Your Team and Organization’s Collaboration Potential via the PtC Formula
  • Identifying and Reconciling Motivations that Drive Conflict
  • Creating and Optimizing Motivations that Drive Collaboration
  • Knowing and selecting the Best Types to Collaborate With — or Not
  • Knowing When to Collaborate, Negotiate, or Dominate
  • Utilizing the “Power through Collaboration” Formula to Resolve Your Team or Organization’s Crucial and Sensitive Issues
  • Designing Your “Power through Collaboration” Organizational Culture Based on Mutual Success
  • Stakeholder Analysis using the Power through Collaboration Model — Stakeholder analysis is an indispensable precursor for supply chain collaborations, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, innovation and solution development, strategy work, change management, and conflict resolution.  This workshop guides you through the nuts and bolts of using PtC Stakeholder Analysis to more successfully launch and carryout your endeavor.

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