When to Collaborate, Negotiate, Or Dominate

“Predatory capitalism took the reins in the 1970s; its emphasis on selfish, often ruthless profit maximization without regard for social and environmental costs led us to the brink of global systemic collapse. Stephen Willis’s trail-blazing book guides us along a path to the type of collaboration that can pull us back from the precipice — something that is needed as never before!”

– John Perkins; New York Times bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Hoodwinked, Shapeshifting, and other books that have sold over 1 million copies in more than 30 languages. John was chief economist of an international consulting firm and has advised heads of state and Fortune 500 CEOs, and currently lectures around the world.  www.johnperkins.org  

“I am glad to have such a helpful book in my win-win toolkit. And I recommend that it be in the strategic arsenal of not only practitioners, but also business leaders in the board room who make the tough calls on strategic choices.”

– Charles Prabakar; Strategy Leader, PepsiCo/Sears/Disney/Unisys

“Power through Collaboration is a very powerful window to the benefits of collaboration and its success …. well spelled out. Win-win formula!”

– Ajaya Gupta; International Fortune 100 Business Operations and Project/Program Director. Editor of Management Journal of Institute of Management Technology. Editor of Jaycees Bulletin The Metropolitan.

“As a professional whose primary task it is to engage others from disparate business specialties on a daily basis, it is imperative that I have a thorough understanding of the most effective collaboration processes available.  Dr. Willis’s book provides wonderful insights into how to effectively manage in myriad business situations and contexts, and has been an invaluable resource in helping me to further my own abilities in engaging others in a powerful and efficient manner.”

“In a world that is connected as never before, many have lost the art of human collaboration, but Dr. Willis helps us get back on the right track.  Highly recommended!”

– David Thomas; Executive Director, The Roundtable. www.creinfocus.com 

“I read the advanced book. Very enriching and a so different approach to managing conflicts and resolving them. A thorough process which I refer to in my civil, commercial and family mediation practice, as well as in my files in collaborative law. Your other book is my next reading!”

– Christian Couturier; Collaborative Lawyer & Certified Civil, Commercial, and Family Mediator Training in Collaborative Law and Family Mediation Supervisor. VP & Training Committee Member, Quebec Collaborative Law Group. Member Quebec Bar and International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. www.avocat-montreal-lawyer.com

“Dr. Willis is absolutely correct that people cannot possibly collaborate if they don’t even know what collaboration means. Before explaining what collaboration is, Dr. Willis describes 12 things that people frequently confuse as collaboration. …. I must tell you that just learning what collaboration is not was extremely eye opening.”

“This book is extremely thought provoking. …. I cannot thank Stephen Willis, Ph.D enough for writing this book.”

– Mark Baer, Esq.; Family Law Attorney, Collaborative Divorce, Mediator. Author, Lecturer, Keynote Speaker. Designated a Southern California Super Lawyer in family law.  www.markbaeresq.com

“Although I do this type of work day in and day out, I learned a great deal from reading Power through Collaboration.  I found the elements of collaboration described in this book pervasive in my work, and I also gained some very useful tips on how to deal with them.” “The author’s refreshing view of human and organizational interaction speaks to the real pitfalls, but it is also encouraging in helping someone acquire the skills needed to be effective and have the operating tools to be successful.  I am involved in the busiest time of the legislative process and these books are making it that much easier to work with stakeholders, regulators and legislators alike.”

“I find that not only does the Power through Collaboration perspective embrace a common sense approach, but that it leaves room for innovation to enter the space and empower action.  It can give real purpose to conferencing that actually accomplishes something and raises one’s enthusiasm for the cause and keeps the motivation sustained.  Not an easy feat these days.”

“I strongly feel that this book and the author’s perspective would be highly valuable to organizations and alliances that are a representative voice to our state government and professional associations.”

– Bill Remak, B.Sc. MT, B.PH., SGNA, AHCJ; Chair, California Hepatitis C Task Force: www.californiahcvtaskforce.org.  Steering Committee, California Chronic Care Coalition: www.chroniccareca.org.  Chair, National Association of Hepatitis Task Forces: www.NAHTF.org

“Dr. Willis’s books are great – and innovative!”

– Dr. Pornphatu Rupjumlong; Siam Pacific Legal Counselors/Asia-Pacific Link Ltd.. Legal Advisor, Commission Office of Monitoring and Evaluating Implementations of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand.  Special Professor Advisor, The Public Policy and Management Center. www.asiapacificlink.co.th 

“This book was brought to my attention by the author, and as I was looking for a reference book that identified what collaboration was and what it was not, this book seemed to tick all the boxes.  I was not disappointed.”

“I have had this book for a little over a year now, and it is never far from my side.  It is easy to read, well-illustrated, and can be used as a point of reference for so many aspects of collaboration and leadership.”

“I would recommend this book as an extremely worthwhile buy.  Something that you will be able to refer to for many years.”

– E. M. Headley; Chair, ACAP Scotland. Company. Director, EL Medical Aesthetics ltd.  www.acapscotland.org  

“A must read. Dr. Stephen Willis’ book, “Power through Collaboration,” is an excellent book for everyone, especially leaders in both public and private organizations. Dr. Willis’ book presents techniques through which people from different viewpoints could engage in exploration of other perspectives, ideas, and dialogue in ways that deepen and broaden their understanding to help resolve issues that have the potential to lead to conflict.”

“I recommend this book for everyone, especially our government leaders who are continuously debating one issue or another. I recommend “Power through Collaboration” very highly.”

– Dr. Joseph Nwoye; Vice President, Diversity Frontier Inc. www.diversityfrontier.com  

“Collaboration is the only way forward in most cases – and this book teaches you how to do it properly. I am impressed with the author’s comprehensive knowledge which he generously and unhesitatingly shares in this book. The “Formula for Success” is exactly that – it will lead to much better collaboration in any situation.”

“My forte is business collaboration as I wrote in my book “The 5-STAR Business Network”: Cooperation creates that elusive thing called synergy that makes it possible for 2 and 2 to become 5, and is so highly sought after in mergers, acquisitions and takeovers; it is the basis of payments over the replacement value of the property, plant and equipment. But networks have something else working for them – far over and above the synergy – that almost makes 2 and 2 into 22. What is it? I called it synchronicity and it is based on Collaboration.”

– Vivek Sood; Chairman and Managing Director, Global Supply Chain Group, Sydney. Author, “The 5-Star Business Network.”  www.globalscgroup.com  

“Power through Collaboration is of great value in application to leadership, as well as to the areas of negotiation, marketing, market competition, etc. Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Willis for such a notable accomplishment.”

– C. H. Yeh; CEO, Markowitz Financial Advisory & Management Sydney
Board of Directors, “Strategic Management Forum (Global)  

“The real thing! This book gave me the tools and insight to clearly understand and manage a very difficult situation. It helped a lot.”

– Roy Bateman; former member of three Boards of Directors. 

“Power through Collaboration was an awesome read!”

– John Hughes; Director, Gumbo Enterprises Inc. 

“During my many years in leadership positions, I have seen first-hand the value of a collaborative approach with partners, clients, and stakeholders, along with a collaborative work environment. In fact, success increasingly coincides with the ability to act in a collaborative fashion.”

“Stephen Willis’s new book is jam-packed with useful information and tools to succeed at making collaboration work. It is a real workhorse of a book – not the usual fluff and puff – and serves incredibly well with complex, tough situations.”

– David Anderson; Executive Director, San Francisco Zoo. Executive Director, Audubon Florida. 

“Stephen Willis takes a deep dive into the ways people work — or don’t work — together.  His concepts are as original as they are insightful.  This book will help you size up your group members in terms of their inclination and motivation to collaborate.”

– Cindy Myers, Ph.D.; CEO, Marin Services for Women

“If ever there was a time when people should find a way to work together, its now. Stephen Willis gets it — Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate! His book “Power through Collaboration” provides valuable insights into how to face challenging collaborative situations.”

– Rick J. Collins; Executive Director, Veterans 360.

“Power through Collaboration is a thorough resource that provides a sound foundation and understanding of collaborative processes.”

– Marilyn Manning, Ph.D.; CEO, The Consulting Team LLC.
Author of seven business books, including The Communication Coach II and Leadership Skills for Women. www.theconsultingteam.com