Power through Collaboration: The Formula for Success in Challenging Situations is part of the Power through Collaboration (PtC) series.  If you are new to the Power through Collaboration Model and PtC Formula, this book is a straightforward read and good place to start.  It is based on and drawn from the advanced book Power through Collaboration: When to Collaborate, Negotiate, or Dominate!

By reading Power through Collaboration: The Formula for Success in Challenging Situations you will be able to:

  • Learn the 12 common misconceptions that lead to collaboration disappointment and failure! Gain transformational understanding of what collaboration really is, and is not.
  •  Discover the real essence of collaboration — the essential key to collaboration success! Gain game-changing insight into the psychological foundation that underpins and enables all successful collaboration. And see if your collaboration has it with the enclosed quick and easy PtC Collaboration Scan survey.
  •  Learn the PtC Formula that creates Power through Collaboration — the most powerful force for achieving your goals, especially in challenging situations!
  •  Learn how to identify the 5 cooperation types — so you can determine who will contribute to your collaboration success, and who will contribute to your failure. For example, learn to identify the ‘Predator’ type.
  •  Learn how to identify the 8 Motivations for Cooperation — so you can determine who will be a great collaboration partner and drive collaboration success. Also, learn to recognize the motivational signs that warn of trouble ahead.

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lPraise for the Formula for Success in Challenging Situations:l

“Predatory capitalism took the reins in the 1970s; its emphasis on selfish, often ruthless profit maximization without regard for social and environmental costs led us to the brink of global systemic collapse. Stephen Willis’s trail-blazing book guides us along a path to the type of collaboration that can pull us back from the precipice — something that is needed as never before!”

– John Perkins; New York Times bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Hoodwinked, Shapeshifting, and other books that have sold over 1 million copies in more than 30 languages. John was chief economist of an international consulting firm and has advised heads of state and Fortune 500 CEOs, and currently lectures around the world.  

“Dr. Willis captures the essence of the collaborative process: people.  He proceeds to detail how cooperation, motivation and process come together to create change.  This book is part of series on collaboration and drills down into the “how” of the process which is the “Power Through Collaboration” (PtC) model.” 

“He clearly defines collaboration and distinguishes it from co-operation.  After detailing what collaboration is NOT in 12 different ways, he defines collaboration and states that this process is the “ultimate source of power” for achieving each other’s goals.  As he continues to develop the concept, he masterfully details the conflict between self-interest and caring for others with illustrations from current history.  His business models bring home the point that the concept of caring for others which is at the core of collaboration is the better organizational principle that leads to sustainable outcomes.” 

“Dr. Willis looks into the future and the enormous capability of technology to function for the benefit of its people or the detriment.  We are clearly at a point in history where the choice has to be made.  As our privacy is eroded through massive data collection and our world shrinks, we must choose how to manage technology.”

“He uses examples from industry, politics and international relations to illustrate his ideas, drawing the reader into an understanding of the concepts and the importance of being an agent for change. As he illustrates the influence and power of technology, the reader is compelled to think deeply about how to act within our sphere of influence.”

“The concept of “Power through Collaboration” is illustrated with real life examples. This small book may appear to be a quick read; however, the detail and the conceptualization require slow careful contemplation. This is a book that every practice group could read together to build skill and understanding of how to implement the collaborative process. Dr. Willis makes it clear that we must choose.”

– Gloria Vanderhorst, Ph.D.; Editor of The World of Collaborative Practice MagazinePsychologist, Mediator, Collaborative Divorce Professional. Expert court witness on the best interests of the child. Diplomate in the American Collage of Forensic Psychologists. Director Child and Adolescent Services Chesapeake ADHD Center of Maryland.

“I am glad to have such a helpful book in my win-win toolkit.  And I recommend that it be in the strategic arsenal of not only practitioners, but also business leaders in the board room who make the tough calls on strategic choices.”

– Charles Prabakar; Strategy Leader, PepsiCo/Sears/Disney/Unisys.

“Power through Collaboration is a very powerful window to the benefits of collaboration and its success …. well spelled out. Win-win formula!”

– Ajaya Gupta; International Fortune 100 Business Operations and Project/Program Director. Editor of Management Journal of Institute of Management Technology. Editor of Jaycees Bulletin The Metropolitan. 

“Timeless Information: as a professional whose primary task it is to engage others from disparate business specialties on a daily basis, it is imperative that I have a thorough understanding of the most effective collaboration processes available.  Dr. Willis’s book provides wonderful insights into how to effectively manage in myriad business situations and contexts, and has been an invaluable resource in helping me to further my own abilities in engaging others in a powerful and efficient manner.”  

“In a world that is connected as never before, many have lost the art of human collaboration, but Dr. Willis helps us get back on the right track.  Highly recommended!”

– David Thomas; Executive Director of The

“A Game Changer: Dr. Willis is absolutely correct that people cannot possibly collaborate if they don’t even know what collaboration means. Before explaining what collaboration is, Dr. Willis describes 12 things that people frequently confuse as collaboration. …. I must tell you that just learning what collaboration is not was extremely eye opening.”

“I STRONGLY encourage the collaborative community to invite Stephen Willis, Ph.D. to conferences as a plenary speaker because these very serious issues must be adequately addressed. … This book is extremely thought provoking. … I cannot thank Stephen Willis, Ph.D enough for writing this book.”

– Mark Baer, Esq.; Family Law Attorney, Mediator, and Collaborative Law Practitioner. Lecturer, Keynote Speaker, and Legal Analyst. Designated a Southern California Super Lawyer in Family Law. Author of “‘Collaborative Divorce’ Is Collaborative in Name Only,” “What Is Required to Make Collaborative Divorce Truly Collaborative?,” “What Is ‘Collaborative Divorce’ Without Collaboration?,” and “The Consequence of Unenforced Ethical Guidelines for Collaborative Divorce.” 

“Power through Collaboration” has proven to be an extremely important resource in helping Collaborative divorce professionals remain “Collaborative.” Dr. Willis’ book presents a practical system for understanding the underlying dynamics, motivations, personalities and necessary skills that are essential for truly collaborative Team dynamics. Additionally, his strategies for success offer feasible solutions that realistically address situations when true collaboration is not possible and suggests alternative solutions that can be utilized. An excellent resource that is both interesting and innovative.”

– Lana Stern, Ph.D.; Collaborative Law Mental Health Professional & Psychologist. Co-owner & Trainer: Florida Collaborative TrainersCertified Family Mediator: Florida Supreme Court. Board Member, past Vice President, Collaborative Family Law Institute of Miami. Board Member: Collaborative Family Law Council of Florida. Advisory Board Member: Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court Parenting Coordinators. 

“Although I do this type of work day in and day out, I learned a great deal from reading Power through Collaboration.  I found the elements of collaboration described in this book pervasive in my work, and I also gained some very useful tips on how to deal with them.”

“The author’s refreshing view of human and organizational interaction speaks to the real pitfalls, but it is also encouraging in helping someone acquire the skills needed to be effective and have the operating tools to be successful.  I am involved in the busiest time of the legislative process and these books are making it that much easier to work with stakeholders, regulators and legislators alike.”

“I find that not only does the Power through Collaboration perspective embrace a common sense approach, but that it leaves room for innovation to enter the space and empower action.  It can give real purpose to conferencing that actually accomplishes something and raises one’s enthusiasm for the cause and keeps the motivation sustained.  Not an easy feat these days.”

“I strongly feel that this book and the author’s perspective would be highly valuable to organizations and alliances that are a representative voice to our state government and professional associations.”

– Bill Remak, B.Sc. MT, B.PH., SGNA, AHCJ; Chair, California Hepatitis C Task ForceSteering Committee, California Chronic Care CoalitionChair, National Association of Hepatitis Task Forces.

“POWER THROUGH COLLABORATION – FOR A WORLD IN NEED OF COLLABORATIVE MODELS:  I was captivated by the book and the examples of collaboration the author provides. An intellectual endeavor which seeks positive ways for people, companies and organizations to work together in decision making and dispute resolution.  The book provides accessible and useful information that can be used for collaboration. I believe there is value in the formula Dr. Willis proposes, however, remain skeptical about employing categories and labels to deal with human issues.”

“Dr. Willis provides gems of wisdom in his discussion of the six collaboration essentials and the motivations for cooperation ( I would extend this to collaboration). A highlight of Power Through Collaboration is that it encourages communication between people when making decisions and dealing with issues. The book is a page turner that can reach a world that requires collaboration.”

– Charalee Graydon; Member of Wisdom Councils: Collaborative Global Initiatives. Lawyer, Mediator, and Author of The Judgement

“I just finished this book by Stephen Willis PhD, which I label as a training manual or text book for understanding the PtC. It is well put together and very instructional. I have always believed in Collaboration but never separated it by Types, Motivations for Cooperation, and Collaboration Essentials. This book allows better understanding in developing the Power of Collaboration. The book is excellent. If you have not read it, you should.”

– Robert Wilkins; National Director of CollaborateNation.

“Lot’s of Insights for Healthcare Leaders in this Book:  Dr. Willis offers great material for new understanding and productive discussions.  He explains his global view of collaboration, which I found particularly interesting, astute, and positively provocative!  The “formula” incorporates relationships and complex human behavior in a way that can be drilled into a simple equation which in and of itself is a feat.  The book is a fascinating read and I highly recommend it!”

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– Beth Boynton, RN, MS; OD Consultant, Author, and Speaker. 

“Dr. Willis’s books are great – and innovative!”

– Dr. Pornphatu Rupjumlong; Siam Pacific Legal Counselors/Asia-Pacific Link Ltd. Legal Advisor at Commission Office of Monitoring and Evaluating Implementations of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand. Special Professor Advisor of The Public Policy and Management Center. 

“Genuine collaboration is the new must have skill in the 21st century. The times we live in are calling for a new way of working, living, and leading. We need to heed Einstein’s words “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we had when we created them.” How can we do things differently? One way is to commit to the cultivation of genuine collaboration as Stephen Willis, Ph. D. outlines in his book Power through Collaboration: The Formula for Success in Challenging Situations.”

“I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve his or her outcome and experience sustainable success. It is easy to be fooled by people who propose collaboration but are really wolves in sheep’s skin. Their real behavior is that of a competitor, an enslaver and even a predator. Stephen opens our eyes to these deceiving behaviors and gives us tools, essentials, and formulas that help us to discern what is genuine collaboration and what is lip service and coming from fear based habits. A must read for anyone serious about leading consciously and living consciously in order to thrive in the 21st century paradigm.”

– Runa Bouius; President of Conscious Leader Network. Founder and CEO of 5 CompaniesEntrepreneur, Leadership Consultant, Speaker, Author, and 

“This book was brought to my attention by the author, and as I was looking for a reference book that identified what collaboration was and what it was not, this book seemed to tick all the boxes.  I was not disappointed.”

“I have had this book for a little over a year now, and it is never far from my side.  It is easy to read, well-illustrated, and can be used as a point of reference for so many aspects of collaboration and leadership.”

“I would recommend this book as an extremely worthwhile buy.  Something that you will be able to refer to for many years.”

– E. M. Headley; Chair of ACAP Scotland. Company Director of EL Medical Aesthetics ltd.

“A Must Read: Dr. Stephen Willis’ book, Power through Collaboration, is an excellent book for everyone, especially leaders in both public and private organizations. Dr. Willis’ book presents techniques through which people from different viewpoints could engage in exploration of other perspectives, ideas, and dialogue in ways that deepen and broaden their understanding to help resolve issues that have the potential to lead to conflict.”

“I recommend this book for everyone, especially our government leaders who are continuously debating one issue or another. I recommend “Power through Collaboration” very highly.”

– Dr. Joseph Nwoye; Vice President of Diversity Frontier, Inc. 

“Collaboration is the only way forward in most cases – and this book teaches you how to do it properly. I am impressed with the authors comprehensive knowledge which he generously and unhesitatingly shares in this book. The ‘Formula for Success’ is exactly that – it will lead to much better collaboration in any situation.”

“My forte is business collaboration as I wrote in my book “The 5-STAR Business Network” : Cooperation creates that elusive thing called synergy that makes it possible for 2 and 2 to become 5, and is so highly sought after in mergers, acquisitions and takeovers; it is the basis of payments over the replacement value of the property, plant and equipment. But networks have something else working for them – far over and above the synergy – that almost makes 2 and 2 into 22. What is it? I called it synchronicity and it is based on Collaboration.”

– Vivek Sood; Chairman and Managing Director of Global Supply Chain Group, SydneyAuthor of The 5-STAR Business Network: And The CEOs Who Are Building The Next Generation Of Super Corporations With It. 

“Power through Collaboration is of great value in application to leadership, as well as to the areas of negotiation, marketing, market competition, etc. Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Willis for such a notable accomplishment.”

– C. H. Yeh; CEO of Markowitz Financial Advisory & Management. Board of Directors at Strategic Management Forum (Global). 

“In his thought provoking work, the author Stephen Willis provides a practical and psychological approach to how people feel about working together and what makes them feel that way. … When discussing the leadership in collaborative organizations, the author reminds the reader that collaboration is opposite to weakness and powerlessness. He considers collaboration as the most important means of getting things done and achieving important goals. The author warns that any cooperative behavior, which is devoid of human consciousness and capability, is counter-productive for organizations that need to create, innovate, progress and evolve. Collaboration increases with individual empowerment as disempowered individuals are not capable of working willingly and freely making them much less effective collaborators. In fact, Steve mentions that true collaboration is caring about and working to achieve goals of all significant collaborators and stakeholders.”

“In an interesting example, the author cites the once famous (now infamous after national best seller Greenspan’s Fraud) Alan Greenspan’s bad bet on the power of self-interest and competition to function as the primary operating mechanism of a highly dependent and complex global economic system. This bet proved disastrous, unfolding into a global economic recession in 2007. Another important quote by the father of modern economics, Adam Smith, needs to be brought to notice to the reader because it explains Adam Smith’s benevolent vision of Capitalism and an introspection as to why US capitalism has transformed from a free market enterprise into monopoly capitalism. According to Adam Smith, ‘’How selfish so ever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature, which interest him in fortunes of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it, except the pleasures of seeing it.”

“Power through Collaboration believes that a good economic system must take into account caring for others as well as self-interest. The author states that despite the reluctance of some powerful players and many obstacles, willingness to advance beyond purely driven self-interest promises unparalleled rewards, advantages, and solutions.”

“Steve has also provided a very nice and useful formula for Power through Collaboration. Steve has also provided examples with regards to how to make use of this formula to gauge the level of collaboration in an organization. Last but not least, I conclude this book review with a quote from his book by a famous and most influential business thinkers from Wall Street Journal, Gary Hamel. As per Gary, ‘We need a new form of Capitalism for 21st century. One dedicated to the promotion of greater well being rather than single minded pursuit of growth and profits; one that doesn’t sacrifice the future for near term; one with an appropriate regard for every stake holder; and one that holds leaders accountable for all the consequences of their actions.’ ”

– Apek Mulay; Failure Analysis Engineer. Business and Technology Consultant. Author of Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival. 

“Excellent concepts!  There are many great concepts in this book and it should be read by anyone who wants to be better at true collaboration.”

– Brent Darnell; President of Brent Darnell International. Author of The People-Profit Connection, 3rd 

“This book is great!! I just finished reading Power Through Collaboration, The Formula for Success in Challenging Situations. Dr. Stephen Willis challenges our understanding of collaboration to give us a new way to look at collaboration and achieve better outcomes. An insightful and thrilling read. Also check out the surveys on Dr. Stephen Willis’ website. The results will be surprising to most people.”

– Jozef de Beer; Electrical Engineer. 

“The real thing! This book gave me the tools and insight to clearly understand and manage a very difficult situation. It helped a lot.”

– Roy Bateman; Former member of three Boards of Directors. 

“Power through Collaboration was an awesome read!”

– John Hughes; Director of Gumbo Enterprises Inc. 

“During my many years in leadership positions, I have seen first-hand the value of a collaborative approach with partners, clients, and stakeholders, along with a collaborative work environment. In fact, success increasingly coincides with the ability to act in a collaborative fashion.”

“Stephen Willis’s new book is jam-packed with useful information and tools to succeed at making collaboration work. It is a real workhorse of a book – not the usual fluff and puff – and serves incredibly well with complex, tough situations.”

– David Anderson; Executive Director of San Francisco Zoo. Executive Director of Audubon Florida. 

“Stephen Willis takes a deep dive into the ways people work — or don’t work — together. His concepts are as original as they are insightful. This book will help you size up your group members in terms of their inclination and motivation to collaborate.”

– Cindy Myers, Ph.D.; CEO of Marin Services for Women. 

“If ever there was a time when people should find a way to work together, its now.  Stephen Willis gets it — Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate! His book Power through Collaboration provides valuable insights into how to face challenging collaborative situations.”

– Rick J. Collins; Executive Director, Veterans 360. 

“Power through Collaboration is a thorough resource that provides a sound foundation and understanding of collaborative processes.”

– Marilyn Manning, Ph.D.; CEO of The Consulting Team LLCAuthor of seven business books, including The Communication Coach II and Leadership Skills for Women.