Power through Collaboration: The Formula for Success in Challenging Situations

By Stephen Willis, Ph.D

Collaboration is much sought after—for the allure of its power.

In a complex, interrelated, and connected world, Power through Collaboration is the most effective force for achieving your goals. If you are dealing with pivotal challenges and formidable barriers, you need more than a book of platitudes or proverbial tips. 

The Power through Collaboration book series is the essential guide for harnessing cooperative potential and using it to secure crucial objectives in high-stakes situations. 

Order now to learn ground-breaking insights and realistic guidance about using collaboration as a superpower! 

About the Author

Stephen Willis, Ph.D

Dr. Stephen Willis, Ph.D. is the creator of the “Power through Collaboration Formula” for managing collaboration in difficult situations. He is the author of two Amazon best-sellers on collaboration.

Dr. Willis formulates his strategy and techniques from decades of experience as a psychologist, consultant, coach, and facilitator to Fortune 500 companies, startups, and nonprofits. His work with non-profits has been funded by foundations such as Packard Foundation, Marin Community Foundation, San Francisco Foundation, and Pante Rhea.

Dr. Willis has also created an innovative process to help high-conflict couples avoid unwanted and messy breakups caused by their fierce fighting and escalations. His upcoming third book provides the essential insights and practical tools needed by high-conflict couples to:

  • understand what keeps them stuck in the “high-conflict trap;”
  • transform the incendiary and destructive communication patterns that ensnare them in merciless cycles of conflict;
  • develop the strong couple bond and satisfying couple relationship that they fervently long for.

Is collaboration essential for your success, yet frustratingly difficult to achieve?

The Power through Collaboration’s high-powered step-by-step method is specifically designed to help you succeed in complicated, collaborative situations!

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